Upgrade Your Parking Lot With New Lighting and Proper Maintenance

The first part of your business that a customer visits is your parking lot. While many businesses consider signs, doors, lobbies, and entranceways, few think about their lot. Just as a dirty, trash-filled parking area sends a bad message about your company, so too does bad parking lot lighting. The lights in your lot can do a lot to help your business, from creating curb appeal to saving you money.

Create a More Inviting Atmosphere

A parking lot with bad lighting doesn’t look enticing. Even from a distance, faded fluorescent lighting makes cars, the lot, and everything in it look sickly. This tends to create the idea that your business is lazy and cut-rate. Conversely, fresh bulbs and clear covers gives a bright, cheery atmosphere to your parking area.

Protect Your Customers From Accidents

Dim parking lot lighting is a lawsuit waiting to happen. If your patrons can’t see in the parking lot, it can lead to collisions, falls, and loses of property. Even if you’re not liable, leaving a bad taste in the client’s mouth is not a key to repeat business.

Poles that aren’t maintained can themselves become hazards to consumers and staff alike. Catastrophic issues such as lights falling over or shocks from wiring are rare, but broken bulbs and fallen covers are much more common. These issues can still cause injury and damage to cars. Good lights with proper upkeep protect your customers and business.

Guard Your Lot From Crime

Bad parking lot lighting makes customers feel uncomfortable because it’s dangerous. Even in the nicest neighborhoods, a dark parking lot is the perfect place for a crime. Protect your clientele from robbery, assault, and car theft by providing a bright lot that’s free from shadows.

In addition to your patrons, you need to protect your business from criminals. Dim lighting not only gives thieves and vandals places to hide, it suggests that the owners don’t care. Crooks who don’t think they need to worry about getting caught are much more likely to do your company harm.

Save Your Business Money

Old-fashioned bulbs and bad wiring waste a lot of energy. Even without modern lights, proper maintenance keeps lamps working more effectively. Businesses that really want to make a difference in their energy consumption should look at newer technology. Energy-efficient lighting uses as little as one-fifth the power of outdated models.

Taking pride in your lot is the perfect way to introduce customers to your business. A clean, uncluttered parking area shows patrons that you are professional and detail oriented. Regular parking lot lighting maintenance or replacement can be the first step toward a great first impression.

How Retrofitting Your Electrical Sign Can Improve Your Business

Signs are a must have for brick-and-mortar businesses. They act as 24-hour advertising, help customers find your business, and help establish branding for your company. A sign that’s old and difficult to see sends a message to your customers that you don’t carry yourself professionally. If you’re in need of new lighting, consider an electrical sign retrofit to give your old sign a fresh look.

Increase Visibility

Visibility is the main reason you have lighting on your sign in the first place. An electrical sign retrofit will increase its effectiveness. Many older models use incandescent bulbs that provide inefficient lighting. Even if the sign is properly lit in the beginning, these bulbs dim over time. A modern lighting source such as LEDs not only make your sign easy to spot, they last longer too. LEDs have over 5 times the lifespan of CFLs and can last over 60 times longer than incandescent bulbs.

Save Money

Incandescent lighting is a huge drain on energy. The old-fashioned 60-watt bulbs that many households used can be replaced by a 12-watt LED light. This provides the same brightness with an 80% cost reduction. The savings that a household makes on its electric bill pale in comparison to an electrical sign retrofit. Inefficient bulbs and old wiring add up to little production for a large cost. The energy savings alone means the retrofit will pay for itself over time. In addition, the government often offers tax incentives and rebates for businesses that make their operation greener.

Create a Safer Environment

While it may seem relatively minor, an old sign can be a major safety hazard. Retrofitting your sign gives experts an opportunity to check the health of your signage. Even more importantly, replacing the wiring and old fixtures reduces the chances of an accident. Not only does the risk of an electric shock go down, but the danger of an electrical fire is reduced as well.

Show a New Look

The most overlooked benefit of overhauling your signage is the rebranding opportunity. What started off as bright, modern advertising now blends into the gray of its surroundings. While neon signs have a classic appeal, businesses trying to attract younger customers can benefit from brighter, more contemporary lighting. More cost effective than a completely new sign, redoing the electricals can provide a new face for your company.

Perhaps more than anything else, an electrical sign retrofit demonstrates pride in your business. Customers are always aware of the companies that are not putting forth their full effort. Redoing your signage sends a signal to your patrons that you’re still providing the same great service.

Save Money With Regular Commercial Lighting Maintenance

Preventing a problem from occurring is always the way to go. You do not want to end up being inconvenienced by something that could have easily been fixed if someone had simply looked at it earlier. Your business needs to be lit up at all time to attract customers, so it is well worth it to invest in some commercial lighting maintenance from time to time. Not only will you have peace of mind that your electrical systems are fully functional, but you can also end up saving money in the long run.

Diagnose Small Problems 

A single light going out may not seem like much. You might even be content with having a tiny part of your business in the dark because it is not too noticeable. However, one small issue could be indicative of much more catastrophic problems developing beneath the surface. By addressing small problems in a timely manner, you could end up saving your company a lot of money. Commercial lighting maintenance is a lot more affordable than extensive repairs or replacements.

Get Your System Audited

A lighting professional may not find anything necessarily wrong with your current system, but it could be discovered that you are paying far too much on your electric bills every month. Certain lighting systems are real vampires when it comes to energy drainage. By swapping out lightbulbs and making everything run more efficiently, your monthly bills could drop substantially. One example would be getting LED lights installed. These lights use far less energy than their counterparts, and they even emit much brighter light. LED lighting also requires less maintenance than other variations, so you stand to save money in more ways than one with this system in place.

Make It Easier to Budget

Commercial lighting maintenance is a lot easier to budget on your monthly accounts than haphazard, single instances of lighting repairs. You can sign up for a service from a lighting company where someone comes out to your commercial property once a month to check your lighting system out. These routine inspections tend to be all-inclusive, so you can be certain you are getting the most comprehensive report possible. You pay once a month for someone to come out, and that is much easier to plan ahead for than if you have to spend a bunch of money out of the blue that you were not planning to spend. Properly budgeting is crucial for all businesses, but smaller businesses that really cannot afford extravagant purchases can really benefit.

Get Everything You Need From One Place 

Businesses depend on good lighting to illuminate signage, keep parking lots brightly lit and keep lights on the inside always running smoothly. All the services you need should be acquired from the same company so that you do not have to call around town trying to find different organizations that can assist you. Commercial lighting maintenance might not be something you think about all that often, especially if your lights are working just fine at the moment. However, plan ahead so that you do not end up with faulty lights for any length of time.

Why Lit Up Business Signs Are So Important

Any business needs a sign out front so that customers can easily find it. Signs are also great for reinforcing your brand when people drive past. Your business stays in a person’s mind when you have a memorable sign. However, the right sign needs to be acquired to really enhance your company’s presence in the community. While some employers will be content with regular signs, you should really consider the advantages of lit up business signs.

Cost-Effective Form of Marketing

Visible marketing is crucial to the success of any business, especially if you are just starting out. Small businesses in particular need to make their presence known in a city so that people know they are actually there. A lit up sign can be a great way to get passersby to take notice of you. Your sign should be another component of your overall marketing strategy, and it is one that is cost-effective. You need to pay for a sign anyway, so it makes sense to buy one that is going to be more noticeable.

Good First Impression

If your business looks run down and old, then certain consumers may steer clear. Illuminated business signs give off the impression that you actually care about your company. It shows that you are willing to put in the extra effort to really stand out in a crowd. First impressions are everything in the business world. People who are impressed with your sign may be more tempted to walk inside your store and see what you are all about.


Harsh weather conditions and other factors could inhibit the visibility of a regular sign. However, when you use LED or neon lighting, it is going to be much more apparent, even if it starts raining outside. You are also able to rely on these signs because LED lights have a fantastic lifespan. Most can last for years until they need to be replaced. They also do not use a lot of energy, so you do not have to worry about your energy bills skyrocketing.

Wide Range of Options 

You are not stuck with a single choice when you look at business signs that light up. For example, neon lights can come in a variety of colors, so you can pick the perfect one for your business. You can also get lit up signage in a number of sizes, so you can find something that will fit perfectly on the property you have.

Image of Safety 

Lit up areas make people feel safer. Customers are going to feel a lot better visiting your business at night if it has plenty of lighting. This helps you out even more if some of that light extends to the parking lot. If your company’s building is located in a fairly dark area of town that does not have a lot of street lighting, then you can really add something to the area by providing your own light.

At the end of the day, bright business signs are simply more memorable than other options. You should highly consider these benefits and find a company that can assist you with your signage soon.

How Businesses Can Save Money by Installing Energy Efficient Lighting for Commercial Properties

As a business owner, you should never stop searching for ways to cut costs in order to maximize profits. There are always ways to save money so that you are spending less on the essentials. One excellent saver that is simple to implement is energy efficient commercial lighting. You may not think about your business lights too often until a light bulb goes out. However, by replacing old, inefficient bulbs with ones that are good for the environment, you will be doing your part for the planet while saving some big bucks.

Spend Less on Electric Bills

This is the most obvious way to save some cash. By their nature, traditional incandescent lightbulbs are very inefficient. This is due in part to the fact that 90 percent of the energy they produce is lost by heat. This means you are spending a lot of money to keep them turned on, and you are not even getting the full benefits from them. Talk to professionals about installing new energy efficient commercial lighting throughout your building. Some of the types of light you can look into include:

Light-emitting diodes

Compact fluorescent lamps

Energy-saving incandescent lights

Utilize Federal Tax Credits

Not only will you be saving money on how much you spend on electricity month-to-month, but you can also save big on your tax forms at the end of the year. The federal government offers some very generous tax incentives for installing devices around your business that are energy efficient. This is all thanks to the Energy Policy Act of 2005. In order to qualify for tax deductions, you just need to prove that the system you installed satisfies all requirements set forth by the law. Some states offer tax credits for state tax forms, but you will need to check with your individual state to see if they offer anything.

Increase Employee Performance

Energy efficient lights offer a higher quality lighting option. This means that everyone who enters your building will be able to see well. Employees are more likely to be productive in an environment that is pleasant. If you are having your employees work in a building that has dark lights or has light bulbs that are consistently burned out, then it is going to be a little disheartening for your workers.

There are plenty of advantages to installing energy efficient commercial lighting. Get it for your business, and very soon, you will be noticing what a difference it makes.

How Important Safety and Experience Is During Commercial Sign Installation

Every business needs a good sign. This will let customers and clients find you while walking or driving down the street. At some point, you might realize that your old sign is not cutting it anymore. When you seek out a new commercial sign installation, it is crucial to have it done by professionals who are experienced in this line of work.

Employees Do Not Put Themselves at Risk

Even if you think the job is simple enough to where one of your employees can handle the installation, do not risk it. Someone who is inexperienced may not put it in correctly. Another potential problem is that the worker will make a costly mistake, and then you will need to hire someone to come out to fix it. This just ends up costing you more.

Another risk present is if you are installing a new electrical sign. This variety of signage comes with its own set of hazards. You need someone who is skilled with installing new wires or altering existing ones. If someone works on your wires who has never done it before, then you risk a substantial injury. You will be responsible for paying workers comp if an employee gets hurt while performing a commercial sign installation. Play it safe and leave this to the professionals. The chances of an injury occurring are drastically reduced.

Job Gets Done in a Timely Manner

The other good reason for getting this type of work done by experienced professionals is that they will get the job done on whatever schedule you want. Once you have decided on the type of sign you want and where you want to put it, the experts will install it quickly. If you leave the installation to your workers, then you might have to wait a while. Your employees have other jobs they are responsible for. Therefore, maybe they will only be able to work on the sign for an hour one day and another hour the next week. This makes your business look sloppy if there is constantly a project under construction outside your business. Some sign companies will even remove your old sign from the premises for you, so that is another thing you do not have to concern yourself with.

For expediency’s sake, it is always a good idea to leave these types of projects to the experts. You will have peace of mind that your commercial sign installation will get finished on time and with everyone safe.

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