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3 Essential Benefits of Using an Interior Lighting Maintenance Service
By rt-admin July 6, 2020

3 Essential Benefits of Using an Interior Lighting Maintenance Service

The US Energy Information Administration reports that lighting uses more electricity than any other single appliance in commercial buildings. Indeed, it accounts for approximately 17% of the total annual energy consumption in these premises. Scheduling regular lighting maintenance can help you to decrease your building’s energy consumption and the associated costs. However, this is only one of the many benefits of this service, which includes the replacing, cleaning and troubleshooting of fixtures.

1. Reduce Time and Money Spent on Lighting Upkeep

The persons responsible for maintaining commercial buildings often only address lighting problems as they arise, replacing or servicing components when they fail. This can be more time consuming and expensive than grouping these tasks. For example, replacing lamps and bulbs en masse can save money by allowing the purchase of fixtures and accessories in bulk. This also brings aesthetic advantages, ensuring that the lighting system maintains a uniform appearance.

2. Increase Worker Productivity

Even if it is still in working order, office lighting may not be functioning at optimum levels. The accumulation of dirt on fixtures is a particular problem. This is especially important if your lights rely on the reflection of a white background for peak performance. Dirt can reduce the output of the system by up to 20%, which in turn can lead to decreased concentration and productivity among staff. Cleaning all lights regularly eliminates this problem.

3. Decrease the Risk of Electrical Fires

The US Fire Administration reports that 8,100 fires in commercial buildings were caused by electrical malfunction in 2018. Lights that are faulty, emit sparks or overheat are major causes of electrical fires. Regular inspection and troubleshooting of fixtures can significantly reduce this risk.

The responsibilities associated with maintaining commercial premises are manifold. Engaging a regular lighting system maintenance service can free up valuable resources and time that can be applied to other tasks. It can also make your building a safer and more pleasant place to work.