3 Reasons Having a Lighted Business Sign Is Important

Having an exterior sign for your business is important.  It grabs someone’s attention, reinforced yoru brand identity, helps customers find your business, and draws potential customers in that may not have otherwise visited your business.  An exterior sign is always important but an illuminated sign is far better.  A lighted business sign is a great investment and below we discuss 3 reasons that having a lighted business sign is important for any type of business.

3 Reasons Having a Lighted Business Sign Is Important

1. Night Visibility

If you have ever tried to find a business at night that does not have a lighted sign you know how difficult it is.  In fact, some customers may simply give up the search and go to a competitor.  A lighted business sign enhances night visibility regardless of whether or not you are open for business.  This means that your sign will function as 24 hour marketing for your business.  Whether a customer is coming to your business at night or simply taking a stroll and passing by, they will know where your business is.

2. Visibility Regardless of Location or Weather Conditions

Some business may be located in locations that are hard to find or in dark locations such alleys.  Or your business may be hard to find during storms or poor weather when visibility is reduced.  A lighted business sign helps ensure that your customers will always be able to see your sign regardless of dark locations, hard to find locations, or poor weather visibility.

3. Improved Profit

When all is said and done it often comes down to the ROI.  Will the investment you make in a lighted sign provide you a good return and increase your business’ profit.  SignResearch provides interesting insight from a study completed at Villanova University about the significant impact that having a lighted sign can have on a business, “Moreover, the results demonstrate that lighted, on-premise signs help large numbers of businesses perform marketing functions effectively. Regardless of geographic region, size of business, and number of years in business, businesses of all types believe lighted on-premise signs play important marketing functions. Moreover, the businesses report illumination of signs, on average, is very important to their bottom line. This impact is even more pronounced for smaller and younger businesses. For many businesses, a lighted on-premise sign may be a “make or break” factor affecting profitability.”

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