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By rt-admin October 16, 2017

3 Reasons Why You Should Use LED vs. Neon Lights for Your Business Signs

When choosing the best way to illuminate your business signs most people have two primary choices: LED or neon lights.  Most people might hear that and think, “What is the big difference, really? After all, in the end the both light the sign, right?”  Though they both provide light to your signage, they are two very difference light sources.  Most people are familiar with neon signs because they have been around for longer but neon signs are not necessarily the better option just because people are familiar with them.  People also assume that neon lights will be cheaper than LED lights but that is not always the case and their cost of maintenance over their lifetime will be dramatically less than neon signs.  Some people say that neon signs produce a warmer appearance than LED lights but as LED light technology continues to advance, it’s appearance becomes better and better and gives it the competitive edge over neon business sign lighting. Below are 3 reasons why you should choose LED business lighting rather than neon lights for your business sign needs.

3 Reasons Why You Should Use LED vs. Neon Lights for Your Business Signs

1. Low Maintenance

While neon lights use tubes that have to be replaced frequently that is not the case with LED lights.  LED lights lasts for years (sometimes even more than a decade) before they need to be replaced so they require almost no maintenance at all.  Additionally, LED lights contain no glass or tubes so they are not prone to breaking unlike their neon light counterparts.

2. Energy Efficient

LED lights use significantly less power than neon lights – approximately 80 – 90% less, in fact!  Not only is this more eco-friendly and better for the environment but it also means you will use less energy each month, saving on utility bills.

3. Appearance

Not only are LED signs actually significantly brighter than neon signs but they actually have far more display option.  Because LED lights are made from multiple separate lights rather than one long neon tube you actually have far more signage options.  You can do much more in terms of movement, flashes, color changes, and animations that would not be possible with neon lights.  Your sign will be far more impressive and eye-catching with LED lights than with neon lights.