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5 Benefits of a Lighting Retrofitting
By rt-admin June 3, 2020

5 Benefits of a Lighting Retrofitting

Upgrading the lighting in your business or commercial property is a very worthwhile improvement. Here are five advantages of investing in a lighting retrofit.

1. Save on Energy Costs

New LED lighting will use substantially less energy than traditional incandescent lighting or even fluorescent and halogen lighting. As a result, your monthly energy bill will be significantly less. Reducing your energy bill will reduce your overhead while also helping you do your part to live more sustainably in response to the climate crisis.

2. Change Bulbs Less Frequently

New LED lights need to be replaced far less frequently than older bulbs. In fact, many LED lights last for several years. You won’t have to purchase bulbs as often as you do now or have to spend as much time replacing them, and you can be better assured that lights will continue operating when you need them to.

3. Enhance the Aesthetic Appeal of Your Space

The quality of a building’s lighting can have a big impact on its overall ambience and the impression that it makes on people when they walk inside. When you do a lighting retrofit, you can choose just the right level of lumens and warmth that you want for your lights to cast. You can choose lighting that’s bright and strong but doesn’t create an overpowering effect.

4. Get Rid of Annoying Humming or Buzzing

Some old lighting in commercial buildings can emit a loud humming or buzzing sound. When all else is quiet, it can be kind of unpleasant and even give people headaches. A lighting retrofit can help you do away with distracting and obnoxious sounds produced by old fixtures or fluorescent ballasts.

5. Raise the Value of Your Space

Newer lighting will increase the value of a commercial property. If you ever wish to sell or lease space, a lighting upgrade can make your property more appealing and valuable.