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By rt-admin May 10, 2019

5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Neon Sign to LED

Your neon sign may be a classic, but there are several important reasons to consider retiring your neon lighting. Upgrade your sign today and discover how LED lighting can save you money on your utility bill, prevent the risk of fire and create a more vibrant display for all your customers. Here are five excellent reasons to make the switch today.

1. Prevent Temperature-Related Damage

Every year neon lighting causes electrical fires that can damage or destroy your location. While the classic look may remind you of a forgotten time, glass tubes that contain neon are prone to shattering. A common cause of fire due to neon lighting is during extreme temperature changes. When the temperature rises or falls, the glass tubes shatter and can create an electrical fire.

2. Lower Utility Bills

Neon lighting uses 20-times more electricity than LED, making an LED sign a much more cost-effective solution. If you’ve ever considered turning your sign off to save on electricity, or if your electricity bill has ever caused you headaches, an LED alternative can help you invest your money where you need it.

3. Extend Your Maintenance Schedule

LED lights require far less routine maintenance than neon, which is just another way you can increase your profits. Whether you hire a professional electrician or sign maintenance team or attempt to perform the maintenance yourself, LED is a far safer and more hassle-free alternative.

4. Lower Insurance Rates

The risk of fire with neon lighting can often increase your insurance rates. This makes neon a more attractive alternative that typically saves you on your commercial insurance costs.

5. Enjoy More Vibrant Colors

Finally, LED offers intensely bright and vibrant colors for any size of sign. Whether you loved the faded look of your neon light or wished you had a little more light to stand out and draw your customers in, LED lighting has the adjustable precision you need to create an appealing sign. Find out today how you can replace your outdated lighting with modern LED options.