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By rt-admin February 5, 2018

5 Signs Your Business Lights May Need To Be Replaced

A business’s lighting is one of its most important features. Not only do lights help establish a company’s brand, they direct new and existing customers to the business. They also help keep patrons safe. While business lighting is usually durable, it likely won’t last forever. Here are five signs you may need to replace your business lights.

1. Your Business Is Dark

Companies must be safe places for employees, customers and others to visit. Of course, unlit areas are often safety hazards. Not only may individuals trip on a badly lit sidewalk, criminals may gain access to sensitive areas of your business if you don’t properly light it. Either way, if your company’s premises are dark, it may be time to replace your business lights.

2. Your Employees Are Uncomfortable

In an office environment, employees must work under the lights that you provide. If your company still uses fluorescent or other unergonomic lighting, your employees may suffer from headaches or nausea. As you may imagine, uncomfortable employees are often unproductive employees. Therefore, to relieve worker discomfort and boost productivity, you may need to replace your outdated business lights with a modern alternative.

3. Your Customers Don’t Recognize Your Business

Good business lights are a fantastic way for customers to identify your business. As such, your company’s lighting must be large and bright enough for anyone to easily recognize it. If your business lights are dim, small or otherwise inadequate, you may need to replace them.

4. Your Brand Has Changed

Successful companies use lighting as an effective marketing tool. Generally, business lights should complement a business’s trade dress. If you have undergone rebranding, your old lights may not mesh with your new scheme. Rather than trying to make your new marketing approach fit with your old lighting, changing brands may necessitate replacing business lights.

5. Your Utility Bill Is Ridiculous

Savvy business owners usually want a budget-related reason to make any change to existing fixtures. When it comes to lighting, you usually need look no further than your monthly utility bills. Inefficient light fixtures and bulbs can cause your company’s utility costs to skyrocket, wreaking havoc on your bottom line. If your utility bill is ridiculously high, you may need to replace your business lights.

Instead of leaving the success and safety of your business to chance, watch for these five signs to know when you need to replace your business lights. Then, choose the right lighting contractor to give your business a bright, new look.