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By rt-admin August 20, 2018

Always Be Noticed with These 5 Business Sign Installation Tips

When you install a business sign, you want it to be noticed.  There are many ways to get your business sign noticed but not all of them blend with your unique business aesthetic, budget, or preferences. Fortunately, with lighted business signs and the right installation, you can get your business sign noticed.  Below are 5 business sign installation tips to get your sign noticed!

1. Install Your Business Sign in a Visible Location

Drive and walk by your business location to see what the most visible location is.  The last thing you want is to install your sign where it is partially or fully obscured by something else because nobody will see your sign.  Choose a location that is visible from multiple angles.

2. Be Sure That Your Business Font or Graphic Design is Readable at a Distance

Sometimes the coolest or most unique fonts sound like a great idea to set your business apart but they may be hard to read.  And, even fonts or graphic design that seem like it is easy to read on a paper or a computer screen may be hard to read when you are in a car driving by.  Consider your graphic design and font carefully to ensure it is easily readable from a distance.

3. Choose the Right Business Sign Colors

While your business logo may have muted colors you need to choose colors that will be noticeable.  Choose contrasting colors that will be easily distinguishable from a distance or moving car.

4. Choose a Lighted Sign

A lighted sign is visible any time of the day, during any kind of weather, and will always stand out from other signs because it is unique.  A lighted sign gives your business the extra edge to insure that you get noticed.

5. Have Your Business Sign Professionally Installed

When you choose to install a lighted sign, it is important to have it professionally installed so that it works properly, is safe, is effective, and is reliable.  Lighted business signs have special wiring that should only be handled by a qualified, trained, and experienced professional.