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By rt-admin July 14, 2017

Avoid Downtime and Save Money With Regular Sign Maintenance

You can run clever ads and train your employees to give great customer service, but if you neglect sign maintenance, many prospective clients may not even enter your door or call for information. Chips or cracks, unlit letters and dirty signs project the image of an inferior company, while a well-maintained sign adds curb appeal and creates a good first impression.

 Time Slips Away

Without regular maintenance inspections, it’s easy to forget how long it has been since your sign’s bulbs were replaced or cables and connections checked. Since the sign is often separate from the main building, facility employees may neglect sign upkeep or lack the knowledge to properly care for it. Expert sign technicians know the life expectancy of important components and the warning signs of a critical part that is about to fail.


Find a Professional to Help

Hiring a company that specializes in keeping signs in top shape can pay big dividends. Here are just a few of the services a good sign maintenance contractor can provide:

  • Keep accurate records of inspections and part replacements. This puts the sign technicians on alert for elements that may need changing or repair.
  • Conduct regular examinations of cords and cables for fraying or wire bending and breakage. The technician can replace them before they break down at an inconvenient time.
  • Make sure all connections are secure. All it takes is one loose connection to bring down your sign.
  • Touch up and repair any cracks, fading or other cosmetic blemishes on the sign. Repair experts are not only great spotting these small but crucial problems, but they also have the best tools and materials to take care of them.
  • Remove dirt, grime and debris. A good maintenance company will have the right equipment for working with every size and type of sign.
  • Give your sign top repair priority if an emergency outage does occur. Preventative maintenance can go a long way to avert unexpected problems, but if your sign suddenly goes dark, you want it back up and running immediately. Top quality sign companies make every effort to respond quickly and competently to the needs of their customers.

Your business sign is a costly asset and an important tool to attract customers. Protect this investment with a regular sign maintenance plan to keep everything looking spiffy and running smoothly. You’ll avoid expensive emergency service calls, and your sign will reinforce your image