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By rt-admin August 16, 2017

Avoid Hassles by Finding a Company to Get Your Permit Procurement Done For You

Your outdoor electrical signage is vital to your business. It attracts new customers, greets current customers, and welcomes back repeat customers. It identifies your business and displays your brand to the world. You probably use shots of your outdoor signage in your television commercials and pictures of it in your print advertising. Your electrical sign company therefore is one of your most important business partners.

When it comes time to retrofit your existing signage or install new signage, you need an electrical sign company that is a one-stop shop, providing you with everything you need, including getting all your required permits from the city, county, and/or state.

Relocation and Expansion Considerations

This is especially true if your business is relocating. Then you need permits for both your existing location and your new one regarding your signage. If your business is expanding to additional locations, you need permits for each and every location. The hassles can be overwhelming, not to mention far too time-consuming to handle yourself. This is where your full-service electrical sign company becomes more than important; they become crucial.

Depending on the size, scope and location(s) of your signage project, you may need not only a sign permit, but also a building permit, electrical permit, zoning permit, etc. The last thing you need, however, is the hassle of dealing with multiple governmental entities, rules, and procedures yourself.

Experience Counts

Procuring all your required permits is a necessary first step before any work can begin. You need a reputable, competent electrical sign company with the experience to know all the ins and outs of the permit process in each of the municipalities where you are or will be in the near future and can get the job done as quickly, smoothly, and efficiently as possible.

It is also helpful if they have done sufficient work in the past to have established trust relationships with local building inspectors and zoning officers. This helps make the inspections go more quickly and smoothly, with far less likelihood of delays in approvals.

Training and Certification

In addition, you need a company whose contractors are highly trained and certified. Only then can you be assured that they know how to adhere to and abide by all local permit and building code requirements. This is important before, during, and after electrical signage installation and/or removal and disposal. It may require such things as site surveying beforehand and site clean-up and repair afterward.

Your electrical sign company is indeed one of your most important business partners. Together you can accomplish your business goals.