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Avoid Troubleshooting These Commercial Electrical Issues

When your lights, outlets or heavy equipment isn’t operating in your commercial location, it can be difficult to determine the exact cause of the issue. Instead of taking up valuable time troubleshooting your commercial electrical issues, look for these common issues and learn how to quickly restore your electrical system.

Flickering Lights

A common issue in commercial buildings is flickering lights. This electrical problem could be a sign of something serious, but more often than not is simply caused by a dead lightbulb. Be sure to turn off the electricity before replacing your lightbulb, and check to ensure you’re using a correct replacement. If that doesn’t solve the issue, contact a commercial electrician to look for more serious electrical wiring issues.

Routine Breaker Tripping

While tripping a breaker is far more preferable to electrocution or a fire caused by electrical surges, frequent tripping of your breaker is a sign that something is wrong with your wiring. Loose wiring, water damage, overloaded circuits and damaged machinery all cause your breaker to trip.

Loose Connections

Don’t let a faulty connection start a fire in your commercial building. Dead outlets, blinking lightbulbs and sudden power surges are all signs that you may have a loose wire. Loose wiring is all too common after a renovation or an amateur repair. Choose a quality commercial electrician to keep your building safe.

Missing Outlets

Older commercial buildings may not have the outlets or electrical load required for your commercial machinery. Whether you own a hotel, factory or storefront, a commercial electrician can help you add additional outlets to avoid overloading a circuit or running extension cords in dangerous and inconvenient locations.

Avoid inefficient and dangerous electrical systems by contacting a professional electrician today. Whether you’ve determined the cause of your issue or need prompt troubleshooting to restore your facility, a quality electrical team can help you save time and money.

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