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Benefits to Business Sign Relocation
By rt-admin February 13, 2020

Benefits to Business Sign Relocation

Relocating a business involves many pieces and parts. Moving the physical contents of the business is oftentimes first and foremost, but what about the exterior signage that brands your business? Relocating your existing sign is oftentimes a good option for many reasons.

Reduce expenses

The initial costs associated with purchasing a business sign can be a surprising expense for many first-time business owners. Once they settle on the perfect logo and signage, the last thing an entrepreneur wants to do is have that investment go down the drain when they relocate their business. In most cases, moving a sign is cheaper than purchasing and installing a new sign. When a business relocates their sign, they are able to use their existing investment and just pay the costs to move the sign.

Reinforce brand

Signage is a form of marketing and helps reinforce the business’ brand with customers. Business owners often spend significant time and resources on developing the perfect logo and branding for their signage. When the existing sign is relocated, customers can instantly recognize the business in their new location and acknowledge that they have arrived at the right place.

Refurbish signage

Like anything located outdoors, signs are exposed to the elements like sunlight, wind and rain. During the relocation process, sign companies can refurbish the existing sign, making it look as good as new. This provides a fresh look to the existing signage for it’s new home.

Sign and lighting companies partner with business owners to determine if the existing signage will work in the new space, and determine if moving the sign is truly the most cost-effective option based on the condition of the existing sign and any new branding efforts the business is undertaking during the relocation. Finally, they can obtain the necessary permits to relocate the sign and put the polishing touch on the exterior of the new location.