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By rt-admin November 29, 2017

Don’t Avoid Sign Maintenance That May Make it Difficult for Customers to See Your Business

Sign maintenance may not sound like the most exciting task on your business’ to-do list but, nevertheless, it is an important task.  There is one primary reason that maintaining your sign is important – it helps you increase your sales.  Yes, a well-maintained sign is also important for safety and the overall aesthetic of your business but ultimately a well-maintained sign will help ensure your customers know where your business is and that will then drive sales.  A well-lit sign is only effective if the lights are actually working and bonus points if the sign is also clean.

Investing in a lighted business sign is a great decision but to protect your investment it is vital that you routinely maintain your sign.  Installation is only the first step, maintaining it will extend its life and help ensure it does what it needs to and that is direct clients to your business.  Your lighted sign one of the first impressions a customer or client will have with your business so you want it to be an extension of your branding and you want it to put your best foot forward.  So, it goes without saying but a lighted sign that needs a replacement bulb or has obvious, visible damage is not the kind of impression you want to make on clients.  Any obvious damage or outages should be repaired immediately.  Leaving your sign in disrepair gives the impression that that is also the general state of your business which is not ideal when attracting customers.

Routine maintenance is also an important part of maximizing the effectiveness of your lighted business sign.  Keep your sign ice and clean as well as free of dust and debris so that your clients can clearly see your sign and read any text.  Additionally, it is a good idea to check any hardware that holds your signage in place.  Over time, things can become loose or rust which could ultimately lead to sign damage.  Thus, routine inspections of the condition of your sign and all of its components are always a good idea.  When you routinely maintain your sign on a consistent schedule it will also remind you to consider whether or not your sign needs an update.  With LED signs you can change the text or design to meet your needs at any season in your business.  Whether you have a new product, exciting sale, or other announcement to make, maintaining your signs will help your customers better see your business and drive more sales.