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By rt-admin October 16, 2017

Don’t Ignore Electrical Issues Caused By Lighting That Can Lead to Efficiency Issues or Even Fines

Every business relies on lighting to illuminate their place of business.  It is important that employees have adequate lighting to effectively complete tasks and do their job.  It is also important to have adequate lighting in retail spaces so that customers can shop and you can do business in a pleasant environment.  If your business is experiencing any sort of electrical issues caused by lighting it is important to address the issues as soon as possible.  Without addressing these issues it can lead to energy efficiency problems and even fines, which no business wants!

Some businesses may experience lighting-related electrical issues if they have outdated electrical boxes.  If you have an outdated electrical box it may fail to trip when it should which can lead to fires.  Additionally, if your electrical box is outdated and not compliant with standards then you may not be able to secure the insurance that you need for your business.  One tell-tale sign for business owners that there is a problem with the electrical box is if you experience flickering lights.

Additionally, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, also known as OSHA, regulates the safety of workers in their workplace.  This is important for protecting the health and safety of employees while ensuring a safe workplace which helps protect businesses from costly lawsuits and fines.  Electrical safety is incredibly important and if your business’ lighting or electrical components are not compliant you may face costly fines.  First, if you experience lighting-related electrical issues and your lights fail you may not be compliant with OSHA because, under OSHA’s rules, businesses are requires to supply employees with adequate lighting in all work areas and walkways when employees are present.  Additionally, the way lighting is supplied is heavily regulated and must not exceed circuit capacities, and that all power supplies for lighting are properly grounded.  Any lighting-related electrical issues that go unaddressed pose a major safety hazard for your business and its employees and customers.  Further, it could be making your lighting far less energy-efficient than it should be which means you are paying more than necessary for your utilities each month.  For these reasons it is important that you never ignore electrical issues caused by lighting.