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By rt-admin July 10, 2018

Don’t Ignore These Electrical Issues That Could Be Wasting Energy

It is no secret that we use a lot of energy to power our homes and businesses in this modern, technology-driven world.  Forbes describes just how big a problem energy waste is in the United States, “What is America’s newest leadership position? It’s energy waste.

In fact, we rank first among developed nations and, remarkably, among all nations, even China is more energy thrifty than the U.S…Chronically low energy productivity – the level of output that our economy achieves from the energy we all consume – is costing U.S. businesses and households an estimated $130 billion per year…But we don’t have to be the world’s top energy productivity slacker. Take a look at Massachusetts. Under the leadership of Gov. Deval Patrick, the state is ranked first by the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE) and it’s leading to real consumer benefits. In 2012, in one small community program alone, families saved more than $10 million in electric and gas bills by providing personalized information, with neighborhood benchmarks and advice about how they can use less energy.”

There are many ways to improve energy efficiency both at home and in the workplace.  But, while some of those measures are as simple as unplugging devices or turning off the fan when not in the room, there are other electrical issues that could be wasting energy without us even realizing it and they could also be causing bigger electrical problems.

One of the most common electrical hogs in a home or business is DIY electrical work.  DIY electrical work is often done incorrectly and winds up either wasting energy or being a serious hazard.  If electrical work is done incorrectly, electrical components will not run as efficiently as they should and will thus waste energy.  Additionally, if you have a massive web of extension cords or an overloaded power strip it is not only a hazard but is probably wasting energy.  Rather than having unsightly cords all over the place and risking safety, have a qualified and professional electrician install some additional outlets or find ways to improve cord efficiency to reduce energy waste.  Also, if you notice flickering lights you may have an inconsistent flow of power and that is probably related to an electrical wiring issue.  This could mean that energy is being wasted and there may be other problems with electrical wiring lurking.  Do not ignore flickering lights, get them inspected by an electrician immediately.