Energy Efficient Lighting Retrofits

Energy Efficient Lighting Retrofits

Increasing Energy Efficiency with Lighting Retrofits

RAYTEK Lighting, Signs, & Electrical has been providing high-quality customer service and workmanship to the local community since 2009. Leveraging over two decades of industry-proven expertise facilitates strong partnerships and loyal customers. Our specialties include all varieties of sign and lighting solutions, including design, manufacture, installation, and maintenance. We offer interior and exterior monthly lighting maintenance service agreements to ensure your property is 100 percent lit and safe at all times.

Benefits of Lighting Retrofits

A lighting retrofit improves the energy efficiency of your lighting by upgrading the fixtures or lamps. Over time, the energy you save can often offset the project costs. Improving lighting that’s energy-efficient is an important and very achievable goal. Choosing retrofits that diminish the quantity and quality of illumination, occupant satisfaction, and productivity all cancel any energy saving benefits. Researching available options, analyzing facility needs, and careful planning all make it possible to increase energy efficiency and enhance lighting quality. The key to a successful retrofit is maintaining uniformity and light quality while boosting efficiency. In addition to the environmental impact, corporate social responsibility, and increased property valuation, there are many other benefits of installing energy-efficient lighting retrofits, such as:

  • Higher quality light
  • Tax incentives and rebates
  • On-site safety improvements
  • Reduced energy and maintenance costs
  • Increased productivity and performance

Lighting accounts for more than one-fourth of the energy consumed in most commercial buildings. Increasing efficiency can have a significant impact on your monthly energy bill. In addition to evaluating interior lighting and proposing more cost efficient plans, other services we provide include replacing neon lights, underground wire tracing, and improving the color rendering index.

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