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Enhance Commercial Safety with Lighting
By rt-admin September 21, 2021

Enhance Commercial Safety with Lighting

Interior and exterior commercial lighting is an essential safety component for any commercial building. Regular maintenance and repairs are very important because they extend the lifespan of your lights and ensure lights aren’t malfunctioning or broken, creating an unsafe environment. A reliable, professionally-installed commercial lighting system is easy to use, energy-efficient, and effectively lights all areas necessary to maximize safety.

 One way to improve lighting quality and controls to create a safer commercial environment is with LED lights. LED lights are available in different colors that are designed to enhance alertness which boosts productivity and safety. Exterior lighting is also an important safety feature for anyone entering or exiting the building or surroundings when it is dark. And, as an added bonus, it boosts curb appeal!

 It is important to keep up with routine maintenance and repairs including running diagnostics on problems so that any problems can be safely and correctly fixed. With routine maintenance, many common lighting issues will be avoided which prevents an oversight on a repair or some other lighting issue repair getting delayed and putting someone at risk of injury. Today, there are many modern lighting systems that can be expertly installed to enhance your commercial building’s energy efficiency and dramatically improve safety for your employees and guests.

 How lighting improves safety

Poor lighting is the primary contributor of accidents and health issues in workplaces. Business owners must focus on providing proper lighting to their facility for improved safety and productivity.

Reduced accidents

Proper lighting is imperative to reduce accidents. Poor lights can affect the visibility of workers. Especially when they are dealing with heavy equipment, such conditions could lead to serious damages. One way of preventing these accidents is providing better illumination through safety lights.


Employees are prone to making mistakes when there is limited visibility. They may not able to see small objects or maneuver around constrained places. Such mistakes could cost a business a lot of money. It will also lead to some long-term complications. Hence, enough lighting is crucial to avoid any mistakes.

Temperature check

Outdated lighting equipment can produce a considerable amount of heat that affects both employees and the items. Some products might even get damaged under these conditions. Businesses should replace old lights with new LED ones for better results. It also improves the concentration level of workers.

Health perks

Many employees suffer from headaches or migraines when the lighting is inconsistent. It will affect their productivity, leading to significant losses for a business. One surefire way of avoiding these problems is providing optimal illumination to the facility. This will save them from a lot of troubles down the road.

How to choose safety lights

The best way to choose commercial lights for safety depends on many factors. Businesses should focus on reduced glare, contrast, and shadows when searching the market for lights. Other factors may also be considered depending on the unique elements of an environment.

First, it is essential to find the best lights suited for a place. It can range from high-mounted floodlights to stair climbing lights for safety after dark. Based on the type of usage, experts will pick out the most ideal options. Moreover, there are options for area and decorative lighting available as well.

Next, these safety lights should be tolerant to external factors like sunlight, moisture, and dampness. The lights need to be weatherproof for protection against harsh weather changes. Fixtures exposed to exterior wall need such a type of protection. If necessary, they can also install protective covers to secure lights.

In any warehouse application, the lights are turned off at some times. Therefore, automated electric lights are necessary to turn off the lights without any human intervention. Another way of automating the on/ off feature is installing a motion detector in high traffic area. When the employee foot traffic reduces, the lights will turn off automatically.

Businesses can replace the control options on the fixtures with timer switches. It is useful for security purposes when there is a need to turn on lights in its regular time. Photocells are also used for covering areas with brightness for a few minutes until it gets dark.

Lastly, it is crucial to focus on energy efficiency of lights. Installing energy-efficient LEDs is the best way to save money on utility bills, along with many other long-term benefits. LEDs are also ideal for automation tasks, as it can be integrated with various controls.