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By rt-admin December 20, 2018

Enjoy These 5 Benefits of Having a Lighting Service Agreement

If you’re a business owner or property manager, you have a lot on your plate. If an unexpected lighting issue comes up, chances are you will find yourself paying a lot of money out-of-pocket, and being at the mercy of an electrician to come when their schedule allows.

A monthly lighting service agreement eliminates these problems and can make your life easier in other ways as well. Enjoy these 5 benefits of having a lighting service agreement.

Maintenance and repair work

Once you’ve signed a monthly lighting service agreement, you can count on the provider to keep you up and running. They’ll do an initial diagnostic to make sure your lights, circuits, and related equipment are in good working order. After this, whenever you run into a lighting issue, from a dead bulb, to a flicker, they’ll come and provide on-site service.

Replacement parts as needed

Generally, if a piece cannot be repaired, or a part needs to be replaced, your provider will replace it as part of your agreement. There are many cases where this would be a big, unexpected out-of-pocket expense, so this is a huge advantage of a service agreement!

Less Downtime

If your business has light-based signage, you don’t want to go a minute longer than you must with a sign not working or being visible, do you? A monthly lighting service agreement lays out the expectation that you’ll receive prompt service whenever an issue arises. Think of the hassle of calling around to get quotes and trying to fit into someone else’s schedule!

A predictable monthly expense

Another great advantage of a lighting service agreement is that it’s a flat monthly fee, making it easier for you to budget and plan predictably.  

Routine audits and inspections

Your lighting service provider will also check up on your system periodically to make sure items are in good working order and safe.

Why take a chance on an expensive out-of-pocket lighting repair that could keep you in the dark for days or weeks? Enjoy these 5 benefits of having a lighting service agreement!