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By rt-admin February 26, 2018

Five Reasons to Upgrade Your Business Sign from Neon to LED Lights

When you think bright, eye-catching lights and signage, you automatically think neon. But with the advent of LED technology, you have alternative options that can more than make a retrofit worth the cost and time investment. Let’s take a look at the benefits of LED, and how LED can save in the long run.

1. Cost Savings

The number one benefit of LED is lower costs. LED lights simply cost less to run, meaning that every month you continue to use neon you’re bleeding money you could be allocating toward your profit margins. With custom LED lighting, your business can stand out from the crowd for less.

2. Greener Energy Efficiency

One reason LED lighting is so inexpensive is because it uses less power. Power consumption is a major factor to consider with business signage, particularly if you operate for longer hours that end up using more and more power. LED lights require a fraction of the power of neon, making them the greener, more energy-efficient option for business signage.

3. Increased Customization and Options

Neon lights offer limited options for sign customization, shapes, and colors; they use older techniques for production that limit outcomes, while LED lights offer greater options for creating custom signage that’s tailored to meet your exacting requirements. Rather than fitting your brand to your lighting options, you can fit your lighting options to your brand with a sophisticated LED-lit sign.

4. Higher Safety; Lower Heat

LED signs are much more safe to operate than neon signs. First, they’re less likely to break, and require less careful handling. Second, they emit little to no heat, making them safe to the touch. Neon lights operate at high heat, and can pose a safety hazard on contact or with volatile materials stored near an operating sign. By upgrading your signs to low-heat LED, you mitigate a number of safety risks to both you and your customers.

5. Minimal Maintenance Requirements

Another way LED lights save you money is through minimal to no maintenance requirements. LED lights are hands-off, set and forget. Just set your timer and leave them to operate. They have a long life, and require very little cleaning, repair, or specialized upkeep that might otherwise require a costly technician.

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