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By rt-admin April 23, 2018

Get It Right the First Time with Professional Sign Installation

The difference between a customer finding your business or passing you by could be as simple as a sign.  Today there are many modern marketing techniques and strategies employed but it is important to not overlook traditional yet incredibly effective means of getting your business name out there, such as signs.  But, even if you have your sign and are ready to install it, it is not an ideal DIY project.  Not everyone is qualified or able to handle the installation techniques necessary to properly and safely install a lighted sign. For this reason, lighted signs should always be installed by a professional.

Your signage is an investment for your business and it is one that should be protected.  Lighted signs are heavy and fragile which means they should only be handled by experienced professionals that know how to safely handle and install them.  A sign may be the first impression a customer has of your business so it is important it is installed correctly and looks its absolute best.

Lighted signage also requires some electrical knowledge and the ability to work with electrical components safely which many individuals are not qualified for.  Electrical work can be very dangerous so it is always something that tis best left to qualified and trained professionals.  Further, trained professionals have the tools necessary to properly install lighted signs.  And, lighted signs are far from light, they can be very challenging to safely lift.  Don’t injure yourself or someone else, or damage your sign, by trying to lift and install a sign by yourself.  No only are the signs heavy but they often have to be lifted overhead which can mean climbing letters or trying to balance while installing – not a good idea.  When you want your lighted sign installed correctly the first time, professional sign installation is the only way to go.