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Having Sign Problems? You May Have an Electrical Problem!

If you have noticed your signs are having problems such as flickering, outages, overheating, buzzing noises, sparking, or other concerns, you most likely have an electrical problem.  While the problem could simply be with the sign itself, electrical problems that lead to sign problems are very common.  It can be hard to find a reliable and experienced lighting expert that understands signs and their electrical challenges but ignoring the issues could be a major safety hazard, lead to fines, increase energy costs, and make your business harder to find.

To determine exactly what is going on with your lighted signs, electrical troubleshooting must be conducted by an experienced and knowledgeable professional.  A certified contractor will be able to determine what the heart of the problem is and either repair or replace parts as needed to restore your signs to working order.  Electrical troubleshooting services may determine it is best to upgrade your electric wiring in order to minimize danger, improve energy efficiency, and increase the lifespan of your lighted sign.

When downtime costs you money and malfunctioning signs make you look unprofessional, it is best to determine the problem and repair it as quickly as possible.  Because electrical wiring can be tricky to work with, as well as dangerous, it is imperative that you hire an experienced and certified lighting contractor for your safety and for the best service.

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