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By rt-admin August 22, 2016

How Businesses Can Save Money by Installing Energy Efficient Lighting for Commercial Properties

As a business owner, you should never stop searching for ways to cut costs in order to maximize profits. There are always ways to save money so that you are spending less on the essentials. One excellent saver that is simple to implement is energy efficient commercial lighting. You may not think about your business lights too often until a light bulb goes out. However, by replacing old, inefficient bulbs with ones that are good for the environment, you will be doing your part for the planet while saving some big bucks.

Spend Less on Electric Bills

This is the most obvious way to save some cash. By their nature, traditional incandescent lightbulbs are very inefficient. This is due in part to the fact that 90 percent of the energy they produce is lost by heat. This means you are spending a lot of money to keep them turned on, and you are not even getting the full benefits from them. Talk to professionals about installing new energy efficient commercial lighting throughout your building. Some of the types of light you can look into include:

Light-emitting diodes

Compact fluorescent lamps

Energy-saving incandescent lights

Utilize Federal Tax Credits

Not only will you be saving money on how much you spend on electricity month-to-month, but you can also save big on your tax forms at the end of the year. The federal government offers some very generous tax incentives for installing devices around your business that are energy efficient. This is all thanks to the Energy Policy Act of 2005. In order to qualify for tax deductions, you just need to prove that the system you installed satisfies all requirements set forth by the law. Some states offer tax credits for state tax forms, but you will need to check with your individual state to see if they offer anything.

Increase Employee Performance

Energy efficient lights offer a higher quality lighting option. This means that everyone who enters your building will be able to see well. Employees are more likely to be productive in an environment that is pleasant. If you are having your employees work in a building that has dark lights or has light bulbs that are consistently burned out, then it is going to be a little disheartening for your workers.

There are plenty of advantages to installing energy efficient commercial lighting. Get it for your business, and very soon, you will be noticing what a difference it makes.