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By rt-admin May 23, 2017

How Retrofitting Your Electrical Sign Can Improve Your Business

Signs are a must have for brick-and-mortar businesses. They act as 24-hour advertising, help customers find your business, and help establish branding for your company. A sign that’s old and difficult to see sends a message to your customers that you don’t carry yourself professionally. If you’re in need of new lighting, consider an electrical sign retrofit to give your old sign a fresh look.

Increase Visibility

Visibility is the main reason you have lighting on your sign in the first place. An electrical sign retrofit will increase its effectiveness. Many older models use incandescent bulbs that provide inefficient lighting. Even if the sign is properly lit in the beginning, these bulbs dim over time. A modern lighting source such as LEDs not only make your sign easy to spot, they last longer too. LEDs have over 5 times the lifespan of CFLs and can last over 60 times longer than incandescent bulbs.

Save Money

Incandescent lighting is a huge drain on energy. The old-fashioned 60-watt bulbs that many households used can be replaced by a 12-watt LED light. This provides the same brightness with an 80% cost reduction. The savings that a household makes on its electric bill pale in comparison to an electrical sign retrofit. Inefficient bulbs and old wiring add up to little production for a large cost. The energy savings alone means the retrofit will pay for itself over time. In addition, the government often offers tax incentives and rebates for businesses that make their operation greener.

Create a Safer Environment

While it may seem relatively minor, an old sign can be a major safety hazard. Retrofitting your sign gives experts an opportunity to check the health of your signage. Even more importantly, replacing the wiring and old fixtures reduces the chances of an accident. Not only does the risk of an electric shock go down, but the danger of an electrical fire is reduced as well.

Show a New Look

The most overlooked benefit of overhauling your signage is the rebranding opportunity. What started off as bright, modern advertising now blends into the gray of its surroundings. While neon signs have a classic appeal, businesses trying to attract younger customers can benefit from brighter, more contemporary lighting. More cost effective than a completely new sign, redoing the electricals can provide a new face for your company.

Perhaps more than anything else, an electrical sign retrofit demonstrates pride in your business. Customers are always aware of the companies that are not putting forth their full effort. Redoing your signage sends a signal to your patrons that you’re still providing the same great service.