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How to Maintain Your Neon Sign and When to Call a Professional
By rt-admin March 18, 2021

How to Maintain Your Neon Sign and When to Call a Professional

A neon sign is an amazing way to advertise your business and to draw in customers. However, after purchasing one and having it installed you may wonder to yourself “what now?”. You want your sign’s lifespan to be as long as possible, but how can you make that happen? Here are a few simple tips to maintain your sign, and to help you know when to call for backup.

Keep your sign clean. These signs can very easily attract dirt and dust both inside and outside! Luckily if your sign does start to look dirty, it can be simple to clean. Many times, a simple dusting with a duster will clean your sign, but sometimes your sign needs a little extra attention. First, unplug your sign and wait until the lights have cooled down completely. Then carefully, and lightly, wipe your sign with a cloth dipped in warm and soapy water. Wring your cloth before cleaning to be sure that you don’t accidentally soak your sign! Make sure to let your sign dry completely before plugging it back in.

Your beautiful bright sign will attract customers but can potentially attract lots of bugs. If bugs are becoming a problem around your neon signs, you can regularly spray your property with bug killers or install electric bug zappers where there are hotspots or where the bugs are originating from.

If your sign is indoors don’t frequently unplug it. Unlike other types of light fixtures, neon signs do better when they are left on. Frequently turning it on and off can put a strain on your transformer and decrease the sign’s lifespan. Luckily, neon signs are very cost and energy-efficient; So, it won’t break the bank by leaving them on!

You should call a professional to look at your sign if you ever think it needs repair or maintenance besides a light cleaning. This includes if your lights are dimming, flickering, and especially if they are broken or flickering. These issues can indicate electrical problems which can be dangerous if anyone besides professional attempts to repair the sign.