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Install a New Sign to Bring Customers Into Your Business

Your business’ signage is often its first chance to make an impression on people. When prospective customers see your business’ sign, it may be a big factor in helping them decide whether or not they’re interested in coming in. Your sign has to look sharp, professional, and unique.

Be Conspicuous

The best way to get attention with a professionally installed sign is to choose a design that’s large and eye-catching. You may only have a fraction of a second to catch people’s attention with your signage when they’re driving by. They may miss it altogether if your sign is too small, looks faded, or just doesn’t stand out well enough. Even somebody who’s walking and not driving may fail to take note of a poorly sized or poorly placed sign. If neighboring businesses have more attention-grabbing signs, they’ll capture people’s focus and overpower the impact of your signage.

Light Your Sign for Maximum Visibility

An inadequately illuminated sign can detract from a sign’s quality even when it’s very well-placed and well-designed. Even in the daytime, glare from the sun or grey skies could prevent people from seeing your sign. Without lights, people definitely won’t be able to see it in the evening. Even if your business is closed in the evenings, you still want for people to be able to see that it’s there. Your sign should be attracting attention to your business twenty-four hours a day and seven days week. Typically, the energy required to illuminate a sign isn’t as substantial as it used to be. Energy-efficient lighting such as LED lights can help to keep your sign lit continuously without resulting in significant cost.

A professionally-installed illuminated sign will help your business look professional and well-managed. Great signage can help attract customers, and it will make your business appear to be a prominent and permanent fixture of the neighborhood where it’s located.

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