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By rt-admin August 6, 2018

Keep Old Office Buildings Safe with Electrical Wiring Renovation

If there is one thing that tends to be problematic with older office buildings, it is the electrical wiring.  Today’s technology is so advanced and the demands on electricity in offices are bigger than ever before.  If your office building is older, the electrical wiring may be outdated, incapable of handling the electrical load, be worn out, or fail altogether.  Electrical wiring failure or faulty electrical wiring can be very dangerous so it is best to renovate and give your electrical wiring an overhaul so that you know your older office building is safe.

Commercial buildings that are more than roughly two decades old may have outdated or just poorly maintained electrical systems that need to be redone to maximize safety and energy efficiency.  Insurance Journal explains why overhauling outdated electrical systems in old commercial buildings is so important, “The primary concern in an older building is the electrical system. Many fires begin in electrical systems, not due to deficiency in the design or quality of electrical components, but because the systems, which generally function quietly and efficiently without apparent need for maintenance, are rarely inspected and often poorly maintained…Electrical engineering and safety standards have advanced considerably in recent decades, making newer technologies the better choice for every building, in terms of safety, effectiveness and cost. Additionally, failure rates of older electrical technologies are high, making it important that older buildings be retrofitted to replace old, unsafe wiring safer technologies (Figure 1). Aluminum wiring, “knob and tube” wiring, and certain brands of circuit breakers, all commonly found in older buildings that have not been updated, are known fire hazards…Once a building reaches a certain age, typically 30 years, the insurer will request documentation that the wiring has been upgraded, updated or replaced — such as during a renovation — or has been inspected and validated by a licensed electrical contractor.

A leading cause of building fires is poor maintenance of the electrical system…The idea of “building updates” may be unappealing to some prospective and renewing policyholders if they think that upgrades are solely to satisfy an insurer. Yet, without upgrades and ongoing maintenance, critical building systems will eventually begin to deteriorate. Failure is inevitable. The cost of upgrades are typically less than the costs of an electrical fire.”

To keep your old building compliant with today’s code requirements, keep employees safe, maximize energy efficiency, and have peace of mind that your electrical wiring is correct, have a professional examine your wiring and assist you with any maintenance. Further, if your building is outdated, consider if it is time to overhaul the outdated and possibly dangerous electrical wiring and upgrade to meet today’s modern standards and have peace of mind that you are doing everything to keep your building safe.