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By rt-admin July 3, 2018

Keep Your Customers Safe with Regularly Scheduled Parking Lot Lighting Maintenance

Proper lighting is a critical component of any successful business.  But, it is not just indoor lighting that is important, lighting in outdoor areas including parking lots is important also.  Parking lot lighting is very important because it may be the first subtle experience a customer has with a business.  If they have to park in a dark parking lot that feels unsafe, they may just not park.  If they have to park in a parking lot that has flickering lights, they may be annoyed or put off by the feeling of disrepair.  While parking lot lighting may feel like a small thing, parking lot lighting maintenance should never get put on the back burner.

Parking Lot Lighting Maintenance Prevents Accidents

When lighting is dim or downright nonexistent, it can make driving and parking challenging and unsafe.  Lights burn out or electrical problems arise and without proper maintenance adequate lighting may not be present.  It is important to check lighting at multiple times per day to ensure that it is enough for the available light at various times in the day.  Ensure that there is proper illumination throughout the day so that people can see other cars and pedestrians and avoid accidents that need not occur.

Parking Lot Lighting Maintenance Improves Safety and Security

When a parking lot has not been adequately maintained and the necessary lighting is too dim or completely out, visitors may not feel secure and may not actually be secure.  Dim lighting is an invitation for crime.  Criminals know that cars parked in a parking lot may be left there unattended and unsupervised for a period of time that is long enough for a break in. Additionally, when there is not adequate lighting, vandalism and defacement is far easier to achieve without being seen or caught/ Whether concerned about vandalism, car theft or assault, proper lighting can help prevent crime and keep everyone safe and secure.