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By rt-admin November 29, 2017

Keep Your Parking Lot Safe and Well-Lit with Professional Lighting and Maintenance

Every parking lot can benefit from having lighting because it improves overall aesthetics.  But, even more importantly, adequate lighting in parking lots helps improve safety.  Parking lot lights help prevent crime, car accidents, and other injuries from occurring.  Lighting provides a sense of safety to customers and clients in your parking lot because they will be able to see their surroundings more clearly.

When it comes to crime, most criminals prefer not to have an audience which is why they will try to avoid well-lit areas.  If your parking lot has adequate lighting it will help deter crime from occurring in or around your parking lot.  Additionally, with adequate lighting you will improve your ability to survey your parking lot if you use surveillance cameras.  Surveillance cameras will not be much help if you cannot see anything on the cameras because there is no light.

Another threat to safety in parking lots is car accidents and pedestrian injury.  This threat can impact customers and employees of your business and has the potential to leave you liable for damages.  With adequate lighting, drivers will be able to better see their surroundings including other cars, pedestrians, walls, and more.  With better lighting they will have an improved chance of avoiding accidents.  Prudential Security elaborates on just how effective parking lot lighting can be for improving safety, “A study of lighting improvements in two communities–Dudley and Stoke-on-Trent, in England–showed that compared with similar but unimproved control areas, the lighting changes in these communities reduced crime by more than 40 percent (41 percent in Dudley; 43 percent in Stoke-on-Trent) compared with decreases in the control areas of 15 percent and 2 percent. Even better, the savings from reduced crime far exceeded the cost of the lighting improvements. Crime reductions saved 2.4 times the cost of the street lighting in Dudley and 10 times the cost of the lighting in Stoke-on-Trent.”

Parking lot lights enhance the ambiance and aesthetic appeal of your business during business hours and even when you are closed.  But, even more importantly, professionally-installed and well-maintained parking lots lights can and do improve overall safety in parking lots. The improvements in safety are significant – reducing crime, reducing car accidents, and reducing the risk of injury.  All businesses, no matter the size or industry, can benefit from the installation of parking lot lights.