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Make Sure that Your Project is Properly Permitted

When a city or municipality requires a permit for the building or electrical project that you’re planning, it’s critical that you follow all of the applicable permitting requirements. Failing to get a permit can result in significant additional work or expense. Here’s an overview of some of the most important reasons why you need to pull all necessary permitting and how you can ensure that your project is in compliance.

Don’t Get Fined

Permitting fees are always going to be less than the fees associated with not getting a permit. In addition to costly fees, you could face substantial delay in completing your scope of work.

Spare Yourself from Additional Work

If work is completed without a permit, you could be required to get one after the fact. This could entail literally tearing out all the work that was completed and doing it again.

Avoid Failing Building Inspections

If you’re doing work in a building that has regular inspections such as a retail space, restaurant, lodging house, or condominium building, an inspector may ask to see the permit for any work that was performed since your last inspection. Not being able to produce this documentation can cause you to fail your inspection.

Allow for Permitting in Your Plans

If you allocate for any extra time needed for permitting when you’re planning your project, it shouldn’t present a serious imposition. While permitting may seem like a hurdle, it’s important to allocate for any extra time needed for permitting when early in the planning phase of your project. Some types of permitting can be obtained the same day, while others require inspection during or after work.

Work with a Well-Established Company

When you’re choosing a contracting company, it’s good to work with one that has extensive experience working in your city or municipality because they will likely have good existing contacts with a building or electrical department. Many companies often employ people whose primary responsibility is coordinating permits.

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