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Neon & LED Sign Installation & Repair
By rt-admin February 3, 2021

Neon & LED Sign Installation & Repair

Neon and LED signs are not new but they are certainly more popular than ever before.  And it makes sense why, they look great and give your business a distinct look. Whether you have one small neon sign for your business or multiple neon signs, it is important to install and maintain your investment properly. Neon signs look amazing when they work properly but if there is a problem it is very obvious. The last thing you want is a broken sign making your business look like it is in disrepair. When you need your sign installed or there is a problem with your neon or LED sign, it is best to hire an experienced lighting professional

You are deciding what type of sign is best for your business it is first important to understand the differences between neon and LED signs. Both look great but LED offers a number of advantages over neon signs. LED signs require minimal maintenance, tend to be more affordable, cost less to operate, require less space, look better, and have far more design options and customizations available.

Whether you need neon or LED signs installed or repaired, it is best to hire an experienced lighting professional to assess what type of repair or maintenance is required. With lighting and electrical wiring is dangerous and requires training and knowledge to be done safely. Keep your business looking its best with professionally installed and repaired neon and LED signs.