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By rt-admin July 17, 2019

Prevent and Fix Business Sign Issues With Regular Maintenance

Your business sign is the first impression you make on customers. If it gets dirty, damaged or broken, it will inevitably have a negative effect on how your company is perceived. If your sign is located out in the elements, it will eventually have some issues and require maintenance or repairs. Here’s what you should know about preventing large, embarrassing business sign issues so you can continue to make the best possible impression on customers and everyone else passing by.

Proper Installation Is Essential

Installing business signs is tricky, especially if they light up or are very large and heavy. The key to requiring minimal repairs is to make sure your sign is installed properly in the first place. It may cross your mind that you can save a lot of money by mounting or installing a sign yourself, but doing so may not yield the best long-term results. Instead, rely on professionals to install your project quickly and to high quality standards.

Lighting Maintenance

Have you ever noticed a light-up sign that was difficult or impossible to read because one or two of the lights blew out? Don’t let this happen to you. Keep your light-up sign functioning and giving the right message at all times by entering into a monthly lighting maintenance service with a professional sign company. Regular maintenance services will not only ensure accurate function of your illuminated sign at all times, but could also yield energy savings. When a maintenance worker notices that you are using outdated lighting, he or she may recommend upgrading to more energy-efficient lighting options.

Electrical Troubleshooting

If your sign isn’t lighting up due to an electrical issue, it’s dangerous to try to fix it yourself. Rely on the professionals to use specialized safety equipment and tools to diagnose the problem and fix it with minimal risk of damage to themselves or your sign.

Regular sign maintenance services may also include product warranty follow-ups, bulb replacement, general maintenance and more. If you want peace of mind that your sign will always look professional, regular maintenance is indispensable.