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Should You Repair or Upgrade Your Neon Sign?

A neon sign undoubtedly has nostalgic appeal but upgrading to an LED sign has many benefits. When choosing a sign for your business there are many things to take into account, chief among them being cost and visibility. Not only is the initial cost important, but the ongoing cost to maintain or repair the sign should be considered.

Repairing Your Neon Sign

The life expectancy for a neon sign is approximately 10,000 hours and if repairs are needed they can be costly and time-consuming. If your business has a neon sign with glass tubes that are dipped in paint, it can be difficult to get a replacement tube to match. Your sign is your brand and you need it to look its best at all times. Repairing a neon sign can mean that your business loses its visibility for days or weeks. Neon signs can also be costly to run as they use between 5,000 and 12,000 volts of electricity.

Upgrading To An LED Sign

LED signs offer a cost-effective alternative to neon for many reasons, including:

  • Using less electricity
  • 30,000-hour life expectancy
  • Brighter displays and increased durability

LED lights are easily customized, more durable and cheaper to maintain than neon signs. Using only 24 to 120 volts of electricity, LED lights are cheaper to use and more environmentally friendly than neon signs. Should you need to repair your LED sign it can be done quickly, and it is easy to match existing colors. In addition, LED signs are brighter than neon, giving your business the visibility it needs.

Lighting the Way

Whether you decide to repair your neon sign for a nostalgic look and feel or upgrade to an LED sign, the dedicated lighting professionals at RAYTEK Lighting, Signs & Electrical have you covered. Their team can install and repair neon signs as well as upgrade your signs to LED. They have the expertise to keep your business shining its brightest.

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