Sign Maintenance

Sign Maintenance

Our Sign Maintenance Services Work for You

No matter what type of signs your business has, at some point they’ll require maintenance and repairs to keep them looking good and operating just right. Hiring a full-service electrical, sign and lighting company to regularly inspect and service your signage can keep your repair expenses down. At RAYTEK Lighting, Signs & Electrical, we know everything there is to know about signs. That is why we are the preferred sign maintenance company of choice for businesses in the area.

We Do Everything

We know that you can’t just look at a sign and know if it needs to be serviced. We also know that there is much more to sign repairs than replacing a few bulbs here and there. That is why every time we arrive on the scene, whether it is for an outage or a schedule repair or inspection, we do a thorough evaluation first. Our number one goal is to minimize and prevent any and all sign repair issues whenever possible.

  • Our sign maintenance services include:
  • Bulb replacement
  • Product warranty follow up
  • General maintenance
  • Electrical troubleshooting
  • And more

Every now and then, we get a customer that decides that repairs are not enough to improve the way their signs are seen and operate. They are interested in upgrading their signage. Unlike other companies, we won’t refer you to someone else because we can handle the job ourself. We aren’t just a signage maintenance company, we are a full-service signs, lighting and electrical company. We carry a variety of discounted lighting and sign products with us to every job so that we can get started with any upgrades you may be interested in as well.

Schedule Your Next Maintenance Appointment Today

Don’t wait until something goes out or malfunctions before you have everything inspected. Contact us today at (480) 266-7004 to schedule your next signage maintenance appointment or to inquire about our services today.

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