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Spruce Up Your Commercial Sign

Signage is often what customers are drawn to and what they form their first impressions upon. Your sign says a lot about your business and the quality of your services. If tattered or broken, a sign can give off the impression of neglect or disinterest. This can make or break customers’ decisions to give you their business. Here are elements to focus on to get your sign from looking dull to damper and attracting more customers!

Sign Permit

Whether in the process of designing, installing or upgrading your sign, it is important that you obtain the right permits. Make sure to follow the codes and permit process of your local government. One of our trained professionals can assist you with permit procurement needs.

Sign Visibility

Your sign should be large enough to be identified from afar and read with enough time for a passing vehicle. Placing your sign in a strategic and optimum area can also help get the attention of customers. One of our professionals can ensure that proper mounting methods and municipal codes for sign placement are followed. Illuminating signs can also provide a unique look to your business and advertises your business all day long.

Sign Design

Your sign should capture interest but also properly reflect your company. Keep a consistent color scheme and font to match your business branding. Consider updating your company logo and incorporating this into your signage. There are also a myriad of storefront signs to choose from including awnings, fabric signs, plywood signs, glass signs, metal signs, and lettering signs.

Do not let your company go unnoticed. Improve marketing and have a better representation of your business through your signage. While your business may be committed to providing excellent services, it has to look the part too. One of our highly trained and certified professionals would be glad to assist you with all of your sign installation and maintenance needs.

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