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By rt-admin July 14, 2017

Taking Your Sign to Your New Location Might Be a Good Business Move

Long-standing customers often view your business sign as an old friend. No matter how much expanded quarters and a new facility may excite them, these customers probably feel some apprehension about finding your different location and doing business there. Your sign relocation could help bridge the gap between the old and the new. It’s like standing on the street in front of your new building waving a banner that says, “Welcome! We’re right here.”


More Reasons To Move Your Sign

Helping customers adjust to your new location is one good reason to consider moving your sign. Here are three more incentives:

1. Save time and effort when you’re already busy. Moving your business involves an overwhelming amount of work and choices. Adding the design and pricing of a new sign in the midst of this chaos increases stress. Choosing sign relocation will give you breathing space before making any long-range marketing decisions.

2. Keeping your brand consistent makes good business sense. Colors, logos and slogans associated with your current sign may also be part of your advertising and business cards. Think twice before making brand alterations at the same time you change location.

3. You may save money with the sign relocation. It can often cost less to move your business sign than to buy a new one. Many factors play into these calculations, including size of your sign, distance of the move and installation requirements. Consult a reliable sign company that specializes in relocations and let them help you determine your best options.


Sometimes You Should Leave Your Sign Behind

Just as reasons exist to move your sign, there are sometimes compelling grounds to opt for a new sign instead. Here are some things to think about:

1. Check out local zoning laws, municipality ordinances and business park restrictions to make sure your current sign meets the new location’s regulations and requirements.

2. Make sure your sign blends well with your new building’s design, materials and colors.

3. Compare the size and style of your sign to others in your new business area.

4. Get a firm estimate for the cost of moving your sign before you make a final decision.

Deciding to move your sign along with your business requires consideration of many factors. It may seem like an overwhelming decision, but you do not have to make it by yourself. Enlist the help of a full-service sign company to help you sort through the pros and cons of sign relocation. These experts can help you choose the best alternative for your customers and your business.