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Upgrade Your Industrial Facility Lighting

Industrial facilities use a large amount of energy on a daily basis and a large portion of that energy consumption is lighting. So, it only makes sense that when choosing lighting, you carefully consider both aesthetics and energy efficiency.  Your industrial facility has staff and may even have visitors on occasion, so it is still important for your lighting to maximize productivity while also looking aesthetically pleasing.  And, both of those can be achieved with energy efficient commercial lighting.

It has been shown that the right industrial lighting can lead to higher productivity, safer machine operation, and accident prevention.  Keeping industrial lighting well-maintained is no easy task but LED lighting will provide all of the aforementioned benefits while minimizing any necessary maintenance.

Industrial facilities frequently have high ceilings or narrow aisles and that makes it very difficult for light to read all areas.  A well-deigned, professionally-installed industrial lighting system will not only improve your energy efficiency but effectively light any necessary areas. Additionally, professionally-installed industrial lighting systems are easy to scale or change as needed in the future so they not only work for your current needs, but future needs as well. And, modern industrial lighting systems can be integrated into any facility automation or control systems for ease-of-use and convenience.  No more running around to turn lights on or off all over the facility, or having difficult controls – a new or retrofitted industrial lighting system will transform your facility’s energy efficiency, productivity, and aesthetic appeal.

What the industry light types?

There are a wide range of industrial lighting fixtures available in the market. They key is finding the best options capable of producing the required lumens that enriches safety and reliability. The following are some common industrial light types.


In halogen bulbs, illumination is created by a wire filament enclosed in quartz tubes. The pressurized halogen bromine or iodine gas will react with the filaments and create a bright, white light. Halogen fixtures are employed as flood lights, headlights, or even for accents. A major advantage of this product is its ability to create a powerful beam that can be focused on a specific spot. Moreover, they come in a variety of styles and designs, providing ideal for all types of décors.


The most common industry lighting is incandescent. These work through a passing electric current that heat up the filament to produce a white light. Incandescent offer a versatile and cost-effective solution for other alternatives. These can be used in virtually any location like general, supplemental, and decorative. However, incandescent bulbs have a short service lifetime when compared with other products.


Unlike other options, fluorescent lights are extremely durable and efficient. As per studies, they last 20 times longer than other bulbs while using a fifth of the wattage. In simple terms, fluorescent bulbs product light by an electric arch pass through an inert gas. This complex process creates brighter illumination.

High-intensity discharge

HID lighting comes in three basic variations: mercury, metal halide, and high-pressure sodium. These gases are pressurized in an inner tube where electric currents pass. This action create illumination that is five times efficient than other types. HID light remains as the top choice for outdoor and landscape lighting needs.


The popular industrial lighting fixture in this list is LED. Similar to fluorescents, LEDs are highly efficient and durable. They have better lifespan most of the other fixtures. Moreover, they only become dim after years of usage and don’t cease out of functioning. However, the most significant advantage of LEDs is that they are quite eco-friendly because they have zero toxic chemicals.

How to choose industry lighting fixture


When it comes to industry lighting, it is essential to make a smart investment. Most individuals might look to save money on the upfront cost by opting for cheaper bulbs but it will affect them in the long run. Therefore, consider the long-term cost of each option and choose bulbs that offer increased efficiency.


The heat production is a factor for all industry lights. If the bulbs are placed in facilities with a high foot traffic, then it could inconvenient for the workers. It could also affect heat sensitive products that are placed nearby Hence; make sure to check the heat production rate.


Lastly, consider environmentally-friendly options for facility lighting. In modern days, businesses are growing more and more conscious of the impact of toxic lights on the ecosystem. Hence, choose lights that are eco-friendly and recyclable.

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