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By rt-admin May 23, 2017

Upgrade Your Parking Lot With New Lighting and Proper Maintenance

The first part of your business that a customer visits is your parking lot. While many businesses consider signs, doors, lobbies, and entranceways, few think about their lot. Just as a dirty, trash-filled parking area sends a bad message about your company, so too does bad parking lot lighting. The lights in your lot can do a lot to help your business, from creating curb appeal to saving you money.

Create a More Inviting Atmosphere

A parking lot with bad lighting doesn’t look enticing. Even from a distance, faded fluorescent lighting makes cars, the lot, and everything in it look sickly. This tends to create the idea that your business is lazy and cut-rate. Conversely, fresh bulbs and clear covers gives a bright, cheery atmosphere to your parking area.

Protect Your Customers From Accidents

Dim parking lot lighting is a lawsuit waiting to happen. If your patrons can’t see in the parking lot, it can lead to collisions, falls, and loses of property. Even if you’re not liable, leaving a bad taste in the client’s mouth is not a key to repeat business.

Poles that aren’t maintained can themselves become hazards to consumers and staff alike. Catastrophic issues such as lights falling over or shocks from wiring are rare, but broken bulbs and fallen covers are much more common. These issues can still cause injury and damage to cars. Good lights with proper upkeep protect your customers and business.

Guard Your Lot From Crime

Bad parking lot lighting makes customers feel uncomfortable because it’s dangerous. Even in the nicest neighborhoods, a dark parking lot is the perfect place for a crime. Protect your clientele from robbery, assault, and car theft by providing a bright lot that’s free from shadows.

In addition to your patrons, you need to protect your business from criminals. Dim lighting not only gives thieves and vandals places to hide, it suggests that the owners don’t care. Crooks who don’t think they need to worry about getting caught are much more likely to do your company harm.

Save Your Business Money

Old-fashioned bulbs and bad wiring waste a lot of energy. Even without modern lights, proper maintenance keeps lamps working more effectively. Businesses that really want to make a difference in their energy consumption should look at newer technology. Energy-efficient lighting uses as little as one-fifth the power of outdated models.

Taking pride in your lot is the perfect way to introduce customers to your business. A clean, uncluttered parking area shows patrons that you are professional and detail oriented. Regular parking lot lighting maintenance or replacement can be the first step toward a great first impression.