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When Do You Need a Lighting Retrofit?

Commercial buildings that were built more than a few years ago may have old lighting systems installed that, while functional, are probably not very energy-efficient and don’t provide the highest quality lighting.  A commercial lighting retrofit can make a significant impact on light quality while dramatically enhancing energy efficiency.

A lighting retrofit upgrades fixtures or lamps in your commercial building.  There are many studies that show that the quality of light in a workplace can have a big impact on employee productivity.  Commercial lighting retrofits will improve the quality of illumination and be designed with the occupant in mind so that the lighting can best support the work being done while simultaneously improving on-site safety.

With professional guidance on your commercial retrofit, you will be much more successful in finding the best option to suit your needs while maximizing energy efficiency and lighting quality. The energy saved in commercial buildings, where lighting can account for as much as 1/4 of the overall energy consumed, also offsets the initial investment. And, there may even be tax incentives and rebates available to further offset the cost of a commercial lighting retrofit.  The added value to your commercial building is also an asset.  Work with an experienced and knowledgeable commercial lighting expert that will be able to guide you to the best lighting to meet your facility needs.

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