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Why You Should Maintain Backup Electricity!
By rt-admin May 4, 2021

Why You Should Maintain Backup Electricity!

Losing electricity is probably not something you think about until it actually happens. At home, people are able to simply wait out the power loss and light a few candles. But when you are running a business, power outage can very easily cause delays in production or work and cause loss of revenue.

Backup Generator

A generator is one option to provide your business with backup electricity. It can be fueled by either natural gas/propane or gasoline/diesel. Gasoline or diesel-powered generators can be portable or stationary. A stationary gasoline or diesel-powered generator will need a fuel tank installed; So, portable gasoline/diesel-powered generators are more common and popular.

Natural gas or propane-powered generators need direct connections to their fuel supply and any disruption in the line can prevent the generator from working properly. But this type of generator is more efficient and does not require any refilling because of the direct connection.

Prevents Building Damage or Product Loss

A backup generator can keep business computers, appliances, HVAC, and more during a power outage. These can allow your business to keep running during a temporary power outage or prepare to shut down for a longer power outage. If any of your products or services are temperature sensitive, then the ability to control HVAC is a necessity in a power outage. A backup generator gives you the temperature control will protect your business, keep employees and customers comfortable, and prevent product spoilage.


When the power is out, so are your business’ security systems. A backup electricity generator can prevent people from taking advantage of a power outage. A generator would guarantee your security systems functionality and keep your business or products safe.

The upkeep of a backup generator is also very important. If the power does go out, and there was no maintenance done on the backup generator since its installation — there is a chance that it will not work properly, not provide enough electricity, or even not work at all. So, it is also important to make sure your business is never at risk to be without power. Raytek can give you easy and painless backup generator maintenance and ease your worries!